Chairman’s Message

Saif Belhasa Holding has come a long way starting with 1 company started in October 2001 and by achieving dynamic growth and success along the way has over 50 various companies. As Chairman I'm focused on continuing the legacy and to build on our heritage with the underlying ethos of Credibility, Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Diversity.

The goals we pursue are long-term to ensure continuous, long-term growth, thereby enabling us to further expand our market position with top-class services and products – always aiming to be the trend setters and leaders in whatever we do.

Having a modern and open-management style our Communication and decision-making are swift in SBH. Customer requirements are routed straight to the appropriate department for handling. All group companies complement each other.

The 10,000+ diligent staffs are imbibed with the SBH core values carrying out their responsibilities with utmost pride and dedication.

Dr. Saif Ahmad Belhasa